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Transform your Life with Ongoing Monthly Training

Once you join, you'll get access to:

  • Exclusive Monthly Facebook Video Trainings on all aspects of Personal Development.
  • Unlocked Online Training Courses every two months released in weekly modules.
  • Access to the Private Changing Minds Monthly Facebook Group.
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Sign Up and Check Out. Once you do, you will instantly unlock your first online course inside the members area and be notified of your first Facebook Live Video Training session.   

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Learn How To Change

You'll be emailed access details after checking out. Once you log in, you can watch the orientation videos and check out module one of the unlocked course.

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Improve Your Life

Tune into the monthly Facebook live training sessions with Owen, network with fellow members on Facebook and apply the insights and skills to your life. 

Monthly Facebook Live Training every month

Every month, Owen will present an hour long video training via Facebook Live where he will discuss topics such as goal achievement, habit change, emotional management, communication mastery and much more.

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Online Video Course released every three months

Every three months, we will release a full video training on various topics including Communication, Confidence and Habits. The modules will be released weekly so most weeks you'll have fresh content ready for you to study as long as you are a member.

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A sample of the Online Courses released every 3 months

The Communication School

In this training, you will learn the fundamentals of effective communication. You will discover how you can get your message across using all aspects of your verbal, para-verbal and non verbal communication.

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The Confidence School

In this training, you will boost your self-esteem and build your confidence so that you can achieve more of your potential and express yourself more effectively.

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Time Mastery

In this training, you will develop your skills or prioritization and organization so that you will learn to manage your time more successfully and be more productive.

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The Habits School

The Habits School is an Online Course designed to help you to change any habit. In these in-depth modules, you'll learn how to create long term change in yourself and others.

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Bonus One: Access to the Private Changing Minds Monthly Members Facebook Group

Connect with an exclusive group of like-minded members and have questions answered in the group regularly by Owen. The monthly training videos will also be streamed and posted here by Owen.

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Bonus Two: Special Early Access and Best offers on Future Course Releases

As a Changing Minds Monthly Member, you will be first to learn about any new core training products released and you will get the very best deals on them all. 

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Every Month, learn strategies to improve your life

For us to succeed and be happy in life, we need to build continuous habits that lead to the kind of results we want. Each month, I'll be sharing a FB Live Training in some area of personal development. From life design to emotional management, habit change to communication mastery, you will learn transformational tools in regular masterclasses.

The Changing Minds Monthly Membership includes:

  • Instant Access to the Facebook Live Trainings on Self-Improvement each month
  • Bonus Access to Free Training released every 3 Months and modules released weekly.
  • Bonus Access to Private Changing Minds Monthly Facebook Group
  • Special Early Access and Offers from new core trainings as they are released. 
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Why join the Changing Minds Monthly Membership?

There is lots of information out there that can help you to change your life. Hundreds and thousands of videos online and books you can read that will offer you strategies for success.

The problem is that it's hard to know where to start or which sources to trust. Once you learn a way forward, how can you be sure that you will keep taking the action that works for you?

It is natural to feel uncertain and overwhelmed with all of the options available out there. The stress of the world adds to the feeling of being stuck that so many people face.

Change shouldn't feel impossible to make. You deserve to be able to think in a more empowering way and transform how you deal with the world.

The monthly membership is designed to train you throughout the year in personal development. By making self improvement a habit, you will find yourself building the kind of lifestyle you want and deserve.

I've spent a lot of time, money and energy in learning and applying strategies to improve my life.

Having worked with more than tens of thousands of people over 25 years, I've developed a lot of models and techniques that can be used to help create lasting change.

In this membership, I want to share them with you.

What is the purpose of the Changing Minds Monthly Membership?

In March 2020, I created a Facebook Group called Rising from Adversity. In it, I went online daily and taught strategies and insights which I felt would be useful to an incredible group of people interested in personal development.

I shared some of the models and strategies that I have learned and developed over the past twenty five years since I first began in my own personal development journey in the early 1990's as a teenager. 

Since then, more than one million people have seen my videos online. I have written 8 books, traveled to more than 100 countries and worked with audiences from all works of life in all kinds of professions across multiple continents.

The Changing Minds Monthly Membership is my first membership offering where I'll be sharing the most valuable insights I've learned into how to create the life you want and build a compelling future.

For more information about me just go to:

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