Tuesday 19th January, 2021 - 2pm Eastern
(7pm Ireland/UK; 8pm Central European)



How to build your expert business, create captivating content and produce profitable products… for coaches, speakers, trainers, influencers and consultants.


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How the speaking, coaching and expert industries work

so that you can design a plan that works for you to succeed.


The step-by-step process for building an expert business

so that can start creating a structure that scales.


What works in 2021 to get your name out there

on social media, your website and using long form content.


Strategies used by the very best experts to stand out in the marketplace

so you can learn what’s keeping you invisible and causing you to leave money on the table.


The secrets to creating captivating, shareable, likeable, savable content

so you can become known as an extremely valuable authority in your space.


Everybody is an expert these days.

You go on Instagram or LinkedIn and you see a million people claiming expertise or insight in some arena. That is how it seems anyway. Everyone seems to be getting into the expert business. Of course, you also know that in a crowded marketplace, the best don’t always rise to the top. Often, the loudest win. This is frustrating to know. Meanwhile, there are so many confusing choices to make in your business. Where do you start?

You are a skilled trainer or coach, consultant or speaker. You are good at what you do. You know that. You just need clarity on how the business side of things work. You need to understand how the game is played.

Join me in this masterclass where I will reveal exactly how the industry works so you can start making strategic decisions to take your business to the next level. I will share with you how the most successful coaches, speakers and experts build their business and create their products so you can start winning today.

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if

  • You are a coach or speaker, trainer or consultant and want to attract more clients and grow your business.

  • You aren’t sure where to start or how to adjust in the current business climate.

  • You want to understand the steps necessary to build a highly paid expert business and earn a lot for your expertise.

  • You’d like to know what is working in 2021 and what changes you need to make to your marketing to stand out today.

A personal invitation from Owen

I know exactly what it is like to struggle to get myself known. Since I began working with people and helping them change 25 years ago, I have spent ten’s of thousands of dollars and a massive amount of time trying to understand how the expert industry works. I studied many different types of marketing materials and was always frustrated with much of the advice. I heard the simple formulas but they didn’t work. Why? Most people selling them got rich selling the strategies that helped them get rich.

Along the way, I built a blog with hundreds of articles, a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos, a Podcast with hundreds of episodes, online courses with dozens of modules. I spoke in front of hundreds of audiences and many thousands of people. I wrote books that were translated into dozens of languages. All of them proved successful for me and helped me build my brand to what it is today.

I am not a marketer telling you the ninja techniques that I promise will work until they don’t. Instead, this brand new masterclass has been created from the best lessons I’ve gotten over the years into how the expert industry functions. I have built my brand as an expert and I’m going to share with you what I did. These insights I have gained from experience in building programs to help people change their lives as well as studying all of the best practices out there in the field.

It is packed to the brim with strategies that you can use to immediately grow your audience and create products and services for them. Finally, you will get clear about what you need to do and what is required from you to do it.

If you want to become a highly paid speaker, this is the first real step towards helping you get there. I hope you will decide to join.

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